Mty Times Nature Notebook today (6 June) leads on a weekend trip I recently made to the North York Moors.  Here, I met raptor worker Wilf Norman who kindly showed me his work with merlins.  

The North York Moors has the largest unbroken area of hetaher moorland in Britain.  To some, it may be an acquired taste and I personally would love to see more diversity in the landscape, but it is a rich wildlife habitat.

Raptor workers are the unsung heroes of the debates about upland birds.  They know where they are and maintain a close working relationship with keepers

Wilf Norman identifies  merlin plucking site

Evidence of merlin.  They often leave money around for raptor workers, much as we leave mince pies for Father Christmas

The all-important merlin nest. 

Posted on: June 5th, 2015